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Thanks for dropping in! If this is your first visit, we’re glad to see you! If you’ve come back to see what’s new, well, as we promised you, we’ve been busy adding a few things!
We have 1000’s of items we’re working diligently to add to our web site––to make available to you the many thousands of books, magazines, posters, film equipment, etc, on line so you can browse our store from your home. But for now, if you don’t see what you want..ask us! We might have it!

Some of our current stock includes: Posters, Movie Books and Magazines, Films, Projectors and Cameras, Photographs, Movie Related Toys, Autographs, Props, Costumes, Filmmaking Equipment, Reels & Cans, Theatre Seats, Movie Lighting, and so much more.

We have been at our same location nearly 20 years. Our store front (shown at right) was featured in an architectural journal and in the book, “Ticket to Paradise for its historic Modern design.
And was described during a visit by Adam West~ yes, Batman, himself ~as “real funky!”).

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PLUS Design, development and manufacturing of motion picture related items and collectibles.