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It’s always Movie Time with our Movie Reel Time

Perfect gift idea for movie lovers. Anyone in the biz, decorating or looking for movie themed items loves this clock! Elegant, functional and will make a statement in any home, home theater, or office. So unique it has US and Canadian Patents. Quality made in USA, manufactured by Hollywood Dream Factory® near Toledo, OH, USA, exclusively.

  • Made of high impact plastic. Durable and will last for years.

  • Quality quartz clock movement is USA made.

  • 9-1/4” diameter.

  • Takes one AA battery (not included)

  • Rich flat black designer movie reel will accent any decor.

    $24.95 + $6.00 shipping.

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Each and every Movie Reel Time™ Clock  comes specially treated with official, genuine, certified Hollywood Dream Factory®  Star Dust™ to help make all your Dreams come true! We make them right here at the Hollywood Dream Factory
® with quality materials.
Our quartz movements are guaranteed for 6 years!

So there you have it. If you love movies.. What better accent piece for your home.. home theater or office than our unique Movie Reel Time™ Clock? Full of the history.. charm and elegance of the Motion Picture Industry. Made by a company that has a great deal of respect and passion for the Industry as well.


 The Story Behind the Clock...
Interesting history and facts behind the Movie Reel Time™ Clock make it a fascinating piece of cinema history as well as a stimulating conversation piece...

Years ago, we saw a need for functioning movie memorabilia. but couldn't find any quality items, so we began making our own creations. In1976, Tom Martin, the inventor of the clock, was befriended by the legendary voice of Warner Bros. cartoons, Mel Blanc. Mel was widely known as one of the kindest people in Hollywood. In a meeting with Mel, Tom - then a young entertainer, asked Mel what some of his secrets to success were.

Mel said to have passion for what you do. To deal with people you feel comfortable with and not to worry as eventually you will find your niche. (This advice left a lasting impression on Tom and would become the foundation for the creation of the Hollywood Dream Factory®.) Mel had a passionate hobby. He collected timepieces -- watches and clocks. He was said to have one of the finest collections in the world.

Cut to the late 80's... The Movie Reel Time Clock was a success. "Wouldn't it be great," Tom mused, "if we could present Mel with a Warner Bros, clock?" He contacted Warner Bros, and landed the job and before he could get Mel a clock, Mel passed away---it was a sad day at the Dream Factory.

But the story has a happy ending. On a trip to Los Angeles, Tom, his wife and son, presented a Warner Bros. clock to Mel's son, Noel (who, just like his dad is a terrific guy). We're sure Mel was smiling that day!

A postscript to this story...
Warner Bros. later contacted us to make a Bugs Bunny clapper clock. And yes, we sent one to Noel!

More Trivia!..

We've done these clocks for such notable movies as The Bronx Tale with Robert DeNiro; Ghostbusters Part II; Planes- Trains-and-Automobiles; Guilty By Suspicion (another DeNiro film); and many other films and videos. We've been honored to have produced this wonderful time piece for some of the biggest names in the Motion Picture Industry Paramount Pictures, Disney, Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures and a host of others.

Out of the thousands upon thousands we've made.. only about 10 pieces have ever been returned! One was dropped by a customer, with the British Film Institute in England, while moving, They called us to fix it all the way from London because they had enjoyed it so much, Another just stopped working. One day we got a call from a secretary of a major video company. She said her associate's clock had stopped working. We told her to send it back and we replaced it. They called back, Embarrassed we said.. "Don't tell us the replacement doesn't work either , "No.." she said "the person you replaced the clock for is the president of the company and he was so impressed with your service and product) he would like to place another order for 5000 clocks for the Addams Family movie!""

Movie Reel Time™ Clocks have been sold in catalogs, stores.. theme parks, and used for movie releases and promotional items. Each time we've made a custom commissioned piece.. that clock becomes a movie collectible in its own right.

We've seen them show up in major auctions as far away as Germany, making these a sought-after collectible in the secondary market.
The Disney clocks
, for example, are also a piece of Disneyana which is appealing to a whole segment of collectors alone. The many studio logo clocks emblazon the studios' logos and reflect the heritage of each studios' rich history.

Our clock is quality made in the USA exclusively by the Hollywood Dream Factory® .
So unique we were granted a U.S. Patent on it!


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